+118% New Users through SEO

Details of the brand

Accounting Technicians Ireland (ATI) are the leading professional body for accounting technicians in Ireland. Over 10,000 members and students attend their courses in Ireland, becoming highly skilled and experienced graduates. ATI provides life-long learning opportunities in careers in accounting.


ATI offers apprenticeships, a flexible online programme, or the choice of a daytime or evening course with one of their partner colleges in Ireland.
ATI’s main objective was to increase sign ups to these programmes.

Execution & Innovation

SEO & Grow began by completing an in-depth Audit of ATI’s website which included keyword research and competitive analysis. Through our findings we identified the issues that needed to be resolved and their corresponding solutions. We focused on 3 main areas to help ATI achieve their goals: on-site improvements, new blog creation and linkbuilding.

Firstly, we improved the overall site structure by keyword-optimising the key landing pages (homepage, course pages, etc), improving their structure/layout and implementing all of the technical changes needed to improve organic rankings.

Once these edits were carried out, we began working on blog content creation.
As part of our content strategy we actively created ‘featured snippet’ style content with the intention it would rank at position zero (more on this later!).

Finally, we built links through guest posting on relevant industry blogs, earning multiple links every month across different domains


+118% New Users
+1.1Million Impressions
+24% Goal Completions
-85% Bounce Rate

The results show a huge increase in total impressions, surging from 390K to 1.11Million. Over a million people have seen ATI’s search listings and in the process SEO & Grow increased goal completions by 24%! This increase in sign ups and form fill outs etc were all completed while reducing the bounce rate by a whopping 85%.
So not only did we increase ATI’s search visibility & clicks significantly, we also improved the number of people converting while reducing the number of people bouncing away! The perfect combination.

An increase of 118% New Users through SEO

The featured snippet strategy that we had in place was successful. We structured our blog content in order to “instantly answer” the questions people were asking (which we knew from our keyword research). See below an example of one of the many feature snippets we obtained.

Keyword rankings show that on the 17th of Feb ATI were first for all of the below keywords. You can see the improvements in increased ranking positions.

The screenshot below is an example of one of our guest posts. This was published on the Fairly Frugal blog and links back to ATI’s website.


Overall, thorough research & clever creativity allowed us to achieve this success.