5 SEO Tips For 2022

Are you a business owner that is looking to improve your online presence in 2022 but not sure how to do it? Not to worry, we’ve listed a few tips and tricks below to get you started!

1. Google My Business – If you have yet to create a Google My Business profile for your business you could potentially be missing out on some highly relevant traffic. It’s particularly important to have a GMB listing if you have a physical store and rely on people visiting your store. You have probably seen these GMB Listings appear before when searching based on location e.g “Barber Temple Bar” or “Barber Near Me” (see below).

seo tips

You can increase the likelihood of your business appearing in these results if you fill out all of the info available as well as post regularly on your listing. Be sure to get as many reviews as you can and reply to them! You can create a Listing for your business by heading to the Google My Business Page.

2. Blog Content – Do you and your staff find that prospective customers are asking the same questions when looking for more info? Why not write a blog on the topic and answer the question as chances are if people are asking you in your shop they are also searching it online and looking for an answer. Become a thought leader in your niche by posting blogs that answer questions relating to your business.

3. Check Your Page Speed Score – It is so important to have a fast and responsive site in 2022. Slow sites simply don’t cut it anymore. Use the Google Page Speed Tool to see how well your site is performing in regards to speed. If it gets a really poor score you will need to address this and it will seriously hamper your ability to rank. The great thing about this tool is that it will tell you exactly where you are falling behind and what needs to be done to improve the site speed.

seo tips - page speed

4. Create Internal Links – This is such a simple one but it’s something we come across all the time when auditing sites. By creating internal links on your site you are not only helping the User Experience but it will also help improve your rankings on the pages that you are linking to. If you have an ecommerce store and you mention a certain product or category on a page, be sure to create an internal link using the text on the page as an “Anchor Text”. This will help Google understand the structure of your site better and help with your rankings.

5. Install Google Analytics & Google Search Console – Last but not least, if you don’t already have Google Analytics installed on your site, 2022 is the time to do it. It is so important for gathering data and seeing what pages on your site are working best with users. Often overlooked by business owners, Google Search Console is similar to Google Analytics but it offers a more detailed look at site performance. You have the ability to see impressions, the search queries users are searching with as well as any errors that are causing your site harm. If you have Admin access to the Google Analytics Account you will be able to create a Google Search Console Property for the site. 

If you’ve any questions on the above tips just fire us an email at hello@seogrow.ie and we’ll do our best to help!