The Temple Bar Pub: A Successful Website Redesign

Details of the Brand The Temple Bar Pub is one of Dublin’s most iconic venues, renowned for its vibrant atmosphere, live music, and traditional Irish hospitality. With a history dating back to 1840, the pub has become a must-visit destination for tourists and locals alike.  The Temple Bar Pub also operates an eCommerce store, selling Read more

SEO Tips for Service Businesses

A quick tip for service businesses from SEO & Grow  If you offer various services to your clients then each of those services needs to have a dedicated landing page on your website. There is no use in adding your various offerings to one long services page as nobody will find it. Build a unique Read more

SEO Tips for Load Speed

Page Load Speed is a hot topic when it comes to website design and development. For example, according to Website Builder Experts, 46% don’t revisit poorly performing sites. There are many factors that can affect it, but there are a few key things that you can do to help improve page load speed on your Read more

Google Analytics 4 Explained

google analytics 4

Every day thousands of businesses large or small rely on Google Analytics to help them understand consumer behaviour and to create better experiences on their platform. With more businesses now online than ever, data from these platforms can make a huge impact on the ROI for your business.  For those of you who have been Read more

Kilcock Car Dismantlers: SEO-Optimised Website Launch

Details of the Brand  Kilcock Car Dismantlers is one of Ireland’s largest car breakers and recycling centers, spread over 20 acres of land. Established in 1989, Kilcock Car Dismantlers have over 33 years of experience and thousands of vehicles in stock at all times with new stock arriving daily. Objectives  When the client first approached Read more

‘Half a Million Euros’ in Sales from Google Ads

DETAILS OF THE BRAND At the end of 2019, our client, an Irish ecommerce company that serves customers nationwide, approached us. They had a plan to grow their business online, and they needed our help putting it into action. After looking at the competition, the client knew they needed to step up their advertising game. Their Read more

Case Study – ‘€100,000+ ROI with Google Shopping Ads’

google shopping ads

DETAILS OF THE BRAND Our client, a B2B eCommerce company from Ireland, contacted us about their online advertising. They were new to Google Ads and didn’t know where to begin promoting themselves, but they had a general idea of what they hoped to achieve. The client wanted our help in placing more targeted advertisements in Read more

SEO Case Study – ‘Increasing clicks by 3,441%’

content marketing

DETAILS OF THE BRAND Our Client, TX Bar Grassfed, a Grassfed Cattle Company based in Northern California and Southern Oregon is family owned and operated. Their mission is to provide great quality food for great quality people. Altogether they have over 60 years of experience raising and ranching cattle.  Since their business model is heavily reliant Read more

How to make sure your website is environmentally friendly

environmentally friendly website

“How can a website be bad for the environment? Does there exist such a thing as an environmentally friendly website?” These are questions we asked ourselves as the topic of sustainability continues to grow, and one of the main reasons for this was we are seeing scary climate changes. It’s difficult to imagine something completely Read more

The Google Partner Program Promotion – All you need to know

google partner program

What is the promotion? This new promotional offer, starting February 2022, allows any new clients we onboard to receive a free €400 Ads Credit. As a Google Partner, we are able to maximize our clients’ performance and push ourselves to identify new opportunities to accelerate your digital growth with Google Ads.  How does it work?  Read more