Case Study – ‘€100,000+ ROI with Google Shopping Ads’

google shopping ads

“€100,000+ for an Irish B2B brand through Google Shopping Ads””

Date Range: January 1st 2021 – March 8th 2022. Search Engine:


Our client, a B2B eCommerce company from Ireland, contacted us about their online advertising. They were new to Google Ads and didn’t know where to begin promoting themselves, but they had a general idea of what they hoped to achieve.

The client wanted our help in placing more targeted advertisements in front of potential customers in order to increase eCommerce revenue.


We were more than ready to put our expertise to the test because SEO & Grow is an Official Google Partner, which means we are certified across all Google Ads Platforms.

The campaign objective was to make more online sales!


We understood what our client wanted to advertise after an initial meeting, and we identified their goals in detail. We began by strategising based on the budget and type of campaign, then conducted paid keyword research. We saw Google Shopping Ads as a huge opportunity and decided to focus our efforts there. 

Shopping Ads differ from Search and Display Ads. Based on your purchase intent, Google Shopping ads appear at the top of the SERP as an image. This is useful because it simplifies the purchasing process as you can quickly see a variety of products to click through and buy – both the client and the customer benefit from this.

While Search Ads is a process that is limited to the search engine results platform, it does give you a competitive edge quickly and cost-effectively but only with detailed keyword research. Display Ads, on the other hand, are not limited to the search engine platform. They will be displayed on a variety of websites that users visit on the internet, and are better used to raise brand awareness.

Sticking with Google Shopping Ads for our client, we made regular optimisations to the campaigns over the course of the year, for example, adding new relevant keywords based on the search terms that were generating the most leads, with the help of smart bidding. To note, both search and display ads can run at the same time as google shopping ads. 

This strategy proved to be extremely effective. It also prevented ads from being shown to people who were not in our target demographics or area.

However, there was a drop between March 2021 and June 2021 due to a migration, as the original website was moved to WordPress. This resulted in a few issues, such as the shopping ads being disapproved, but we were able to quickly resolve these issues and restore the site to its previous state. If not for this, we would have had seen an even higher return on investment.

There can be challenges in using Google Merchant Centre, especially if you are setting up online for the first time. This is where an agency, such as ourselves can step in.


As a result of our efforts over the span of 14 months we spent 25k on Ads and got a return of investment of 100k.

google shopping ads

That is a 1,638.98% increase in profits, a key tangible factor that our campaign was a success and continues to grow.

The CPC at €0.54, showing we don’t waste spend on irrelevant clicks.

google shopping ads

An average of over 3 pages per session for every paid user.

Also a bounce rate of only 20%.

There have been over a thousand transactions since we started working with this Irish B2B.


As you can see from this case study, the results speak for themselves, and our client is very pleased with the progress. With Google’s reach and power, advertising with them is almost a must-have marketing channel. However, doing so effectively is critical. You must have a strategy in place so that you do not simply throw money at the internet and hope for the best.

If you feel as though your business could benefit from this, please get in touch with us.