‘Half a Million Euros’ in Sales from Google Ads

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Half A Million Euro in Sales from Google Ads

Date Range: January 1st 2021 – March 28th 2022. Search Engine: Google.ie


At the end of 2019, our client, an Irish ecommerce company that serves customers nationwide, approached us. They had a plan to grow their business online, and they needed our help putting it into action.

After looking at the competition, the client knew they needed to step up their advertising game. Their goal was to increase their online sales by investing in digital advertising. As Google Ads experts, we knew exactly where to start with them.

 With an optimized ad campaign and lead flow, we would create high-ROI marketing campaigns that would consist of Google Shopping, Search and Display ads.

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As Google Partners, we build ads differently. We devised a strategy after meeting with the client. Not only did we want to concentrate on keyword research for the different types of Google Ads, but we also wanted to ensure that the on-page SEO was as effective as possible because it has an impact on the quality of your Google Ads score.

It is a smart investment for businesses to focus on Google Ads while they build up their SEO efforts, as SEO in the long term can see exponential growth!


Focusing first on Search and Display Ads Campaigns, we started by doing extensive keyword research; coming from an organic search background, we understand how important it is to select relevant keywords with relevant intent.

The advantage of using search ads is that your ad will appear where most people look for information first: on Google. And because Google displays your ad in the same format as other results (except for the “Ad” label), users are used to seeing and clicking on them. They focus solely on the keywords.

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Whereas the advantage of display ads is that they have a massive reach across the Google display network, which includes a huge number of websites, mobile apps, and video content. 

We didn’t want to waste any of our clients’ budget on clicks that were irrelevant. So, as the campaigns progressed, we would tweak and edit each one on a regular basis to fine-tune our target audience. Our bidding strategy helped to minimize wasteful clicks. 

To stand out from the crowd and get clicks, we carefully crafted our ad copy to be compelling and appealing. Unlike other PPC agencies in Dublin, we qualify all clicks through informative ad copy, including price and other important info as needed.

We kept a close eye on the AdRank which determines the placement of the ad by using two factors, the bid amount and quality score.

We also gave focus to Google Shopping ads and this allowed for greater visibility of the clients product, creating brand awareness. This resulted in being the second best campaign we created.

We work closely with our clients to identify key performance indicators and then send them reports based on those indicators. These reports allowed them to see firsthand where their hard-earned money was being invested, providing complete transparency.


As a result of our Google Ads campaign, we were able to generate nearly a half a million euros in sales for the client.

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Cost €36.2k, Revenue €439k.

1,212% Return On Ads Spend.

The cpc cost only €0.32.

The average page session was nearly 2 minutes per user.


In this case study, again the results continue to speak for themselves. Our client couldn’t be happier with the outcome, and the business continues to grow.

Google Ads should be a part of your paid strategy because of its reach and authority. There is no such thing as a Google Ads campaign that doesn’t work; only those that require a little more attention.

If you feel as though your business could benefit from this, please get in touch with us.