How We Generated €200,000+ for an Irish eCommerce Client

Learn how we generated €236,462 in revenue for an Irish eCommerce client from a Google Ads spend of just €13,336 in less than a year.
That’s a 1,772% Return on Ad Spend (ROAS).

We used 3 main campaign types to deliver these Ads: Search, Shopping & Display.

1) Our Search Ads consisted of a strong brand campaign to protect our client’s branded search from competitors, as well as individual product category campaigns to compete for generic search terms.

2) Our Shopping Ads used beautiful visuals to display our client’s catalogue of products to prospective customers.

3) And our Display Ads retargeted imagery to previous website visitors who hadn’t made a purchase.

All in all, a truly successful Google Ads campaign across the board which used mixed media to reach the customer.

Think it was just a fluke?
Check out the Google Analytics dashboard of another Irish eCommerce client below.
€15,157 in revenue from a Google Ads spend of €2,800. That’s a 541% Return on Ad Spend (ROAS).

We build Ads differently. 🚀