Kilcock Car Dismantlers: SEO-Optimised Website Launch

Details of the Brand 

Kilcock Car Dismantlers is one of Ireland’s largest car breakers and recycling centers, spread over 20 acres of land. Established in 1989, Kilcock Car Dismantlers have over 33 years of experience and thousands of vehicles in stock at all times with new stock arriving daily.


When the client first approached us, their website had not been updated in several years. It was outdated and change was needed. The website was slow, not mobile-optimised, and was underperforming from an SEO perspective, given how well-known the brand is.

After our initial discussion and site visit, we were able to clearly understand the main objectives for Kilcock Car Dismantlers; build a slick, modern, search-friendly website that would generate organic leads.

Execution & Innovation 

We know that building a search-friendly website doesn’t mean having to sacrifice your website’s slick design or simple usability.

We began with an in-depth audit of the original website, which included a competitive analysis.
This identified the problem areas like page speed and keyword-optimisation. But highlighted some of the opportunity areas like good existing written content on-site.

Through intelligent keyword analysis, we were able to identify the primary keywords for each new page or category on the website, and we then built our content around these key terms. 

Lastly, we made sure to build a simple, mobile-optimised website with clear Calls To Action.

Outcome & Results 

  • On the day of launch, we saw a huge spike in average position. +23% overnight!

  • This uplift was also reflected in our organic search traffic:

  • Our keyword ranking positions have improved immensely overnight since launch. And for high volume terms, too.

“Cars for breaking” has 1600 searches per month in Ireland.
We’ve moved from position 7 to position 4 overnight. 

Likewise for “breakers yard”.
590 searches per month and we’ve moved from position 9 to position 4. 

We’ve jumped 29 places for “scrap metal”, 21 places for “salvage yard” and 33 places for “scrap my car”!


When building a new website, don’t let SEO be an afterthought.
Why build a new website if nobody’s going to find it?
We build beautiful websites that get found!