PPC Case Study

“60% more leads than were on record for the two previous campaigns… throughout a global pandemic!”

Date Range: May 15 2020 – September 30 2020. Search Engine: Google.ie (Ireland)


Accounting Technicians Ireland are the leading professional body for Accounting Technicians on the island of Ireland, with more than 10,000 members and students.

Founded in 1983, ATI provides nationally and internationally recognised accounting qualifications which open the door to a rewarding career as an Accounting Technician, as well as further study.


Ultimately, ATI wanted to increase the number of sign-ups for their September intake of students. The client had monthly sign-up targets to reach their intake capacity.

The client needed clear and concise reporting throughout. ATI needed to restructure their Google Ads Campaigns, as well as create a highly granular keyword management strategy.


After an initial meeting with the ATI leadership team, we understood which offerings the client wanted to advertise and we identified their goals in detail. We began our work by creating refined Search Campaigns for each of ATI’s 5 core offerings. Over the course of the year, we made regular optimisations to the campaigns, for example, adding in new relevant keywords and building out separate Ad Groups & Campaigns based on the search terms that were triggering the most leads. This strategy proved to be very successful.

We also created Interest & Remarketing Display Campaigns that targeted people who were interested in accounting careers, as well as those who had visited the ATI website previously. This strategy in tandem with our Search Campaigns allowed us to target the most valuable users and increase the likelihood of a user becoming a lead.


We were able to generate 60% more leads than were on record for the two previous campaigns, respectively. Throughout a global pandemic!

1,527 Goal Completions throughout the campaign.

Achieved an extremely low bounce rate of just 0.15%.

An average of over 5 pages per session for every Paid Search user.

An average session duration of over 2 minutes for every Paid Search user.

We exceeded each of the monthly targets (and the overall target) set out by the client at the start of the campaign.


This is a real success story. There are some good insights and key takeaways that we can work towards for January and beyond. I just wanted to thank you for your input into the report and for your work these past number of months.”

– Alexandra Mulrennan, Head of Marketing & Communications, ATI