SEO Case Study – ‘Increasing clicks by 3,441%’

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“How We Increased Clicks By 3,441% Through Content Marketing”

Date Range: October 29th 2020 – March 3rd 2022. Search Engine: (USA)


Our Client, TX Bar Grassfed, a Grassfed Cattle Company based in Northern California and Southern Oregon is family owned and operated. Their mission is to provide great quality food for great quality people. Altogether they have over 60 years of experience raising and ranching cattle. 

Since their business model is heavily reliant on online sales, content marketing seemed a great route to online success. TX Bar Grassfed had recently updated their website when we first partnered with them, but they quickly realised that this was just the beginning of their online journey. They needed SEO & Grow to develop a strong search strategy that would allow them to effectively optimise their site, generate quality leads, and drive organic traffic.

In this case study, you’ll learn how we drove high volumes of traffic through a clever, niche content marketing strategy.


When our client approached us, their website was driving very little traffic through organic search and they knew that they needed a new direction. Our team looked at their website and identified niche blogging as a key driving force for increasing traffic, brand awareness, and sales. 

Our task was to identify primary keywords, queries and topics of interest relevant to the audience, with a high monthly search frequency. We then created content based on these terms.


Through intelligent keyword research, we identified key terms we could build content around and then created interesting and optimised blog content around these themes – thus establishing the client as a ‘thought leader’ or go-to resource in the industry space. 

Many websites have a limited number of pages, which tend not to be updated frequently. Creating a blog post, on the other hand, adds another indexed page to your website, giving you another opportunity to appear in the search engine results page (SERP) to drive traffic to the website through organic search.

After completing on-page optimisation for the website and introducing fresh content by releasing a monthly blog, our targeted keywords and queries began to noticeably improve their organic positions.


Over the last 16 months the average increase in clicks increased by 3,441% with a total of 17.5k clicks.

With impressions results there was an average increase of 4,373% with a total of 580k impressions.

Working closely with the client, the new blog content created earned us a ‘featured snippets’ or ‘position zero’ listing at the top of the search page results. This was a real success as it enables the website to gain the highest visibility, as they dominate the top results and increase organic traffic.

The client’s overall top three pages clicked were all individual blog posts. This shows that discussing areas and topics your audience is interested in brings them closer to the brand.


Content marketing is the strategy of creating valuable content for your audience in order to answer their queries. Oftentimes, driving traffic which converts into leads. It is effective because there is communication happening between the two parties. As you continue to engage, you build relationship and trust with your audience.

As you can see with this case study, the results really do speak for themselves. 

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