SEO Case Study

“SEO & Grow have increased our overall yearly sales by more than 20%.”

Date Range: August 1 2019 – March 1 2020. Search Engine: (USA)


Totally Latin America (TLA) have been in business for over a decade as a provider of luxury custom designed tours across the continent of Latin America.

TLA simplifies the planning process and takes care of all the fine details that are a prerequisite to delivering the quintessential luxury vacation of a lifetime.


TLA wanted more legitimate prospects finding & contacting them through their website.

This was the core objective of the campaign. Little else mattered to the client.

Our Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) were set out early and key metrics pre-agreed with the client.


Our initial step was an in-depth SEO Audit of TLA and a competitive analysis. This work diagnosed both opportunity & problem areas. We had to amend the website’s International Targeting settings in Google Search Console – a key technical step which teed us up for success from the outset.

To accurately measure inquiry submissions, we set up Conversion Tracking in Google Analytics using Google Tag Manager. This enabled us and the client to precisely measure the leads being generated.

Our Keyword Analysis was the next important step. By trawling through the search data available, we identified key terms that we could use as primary focus keywords for our landing pages. These keywords had to be relevant to the audience & product, have purchase intent, not be overly competitive/saturated – and have a high monthly search frequency. Striking this balance was a real challenge.

We restructured and keyword-optimised existing blog content with impressive results. Working closely with the client, we created new blog content for TLA’s Travelogue and structured/optimised this so it would earn us a ‘Position Zero’ or ‘Featured Snippet’ listing at the top of the search results page. Once again, we had real success with this.

Our SEO Audit contained a link analysis section. Relative to competitors like Scott Dunn and Abercrombie & Kent, the number of external, ‘follow’ links pointing to TLA was extremely low. With the help of our outreach specialist and our copywriter, we had 9 original pieces of content published as guest articles on various popular, hand-picked luxury travel and lifestyle blogs in the hopes of driving relevant Referral Traffic and improving TLA’s backlink profile.


Compared to the previous seven months, our campaign resulted in an increase of 9,700 Clicks and 507,000 Impressions for TLA.

Organic Traffic went from ~150 Clicks daily to ~300 Clicks daily.

We drove 63 qualified leads from Organic Traffic and 2 qualified leads from Referral Traffic to TLA’s inbox.

We built 22 ‘follow’ links from 9 domains with Domain Authorities ranging from 26 – 56.

We greatly improved our ranking positions over the seven months for competitive key terms.

Measured against our objectives, important metrics and KPIs, we were successful across the board.


“We have noticed a considerable increase in the number of qualified leads approaching us via our website’s contact form. We have been able to turn these qualified leads into sales and this has improved our bottom line.
SEO & Grow have increased our overall yearly sales by more than 20%.
In addition, we have seen huge increases in overall Organic Traffic, keyword ranking positions and brand awareness.“

– Paul Jones, CEO, Totally Latin America