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What is SEO?

Organic Rankings

In 2019, it’s essential that your website is one of the top listings when prospects are trying to find a business like yours through Google search.

Search Engine Visibility

Essentially, SEO is a means of optimising your website in order to improve its visibility within the search engines. The goal is to make your website readily available to potential customers once they search for a term related to your product or service.

Our Disruptive Approach

Having worked both client-side and agency-side over the last number of years, we noticed a huge disconnect between a business’s needs and an agency’s offering. It seems a lot of SEO agencies in Dublin do their best to withhold as much information as possible from their clients. Through an agency’s lens, the less a client knows, the more that client can be charged.

SEO & Grow serves to bridge the gap between a business’s needs, and an agency’s offering. Our disruptive approach empowers business owners to take back control of their website and regain autonomy. We ensure no client is left in the dark regarding the tactics deployed to improve their website’s search presence - something we shouldn’t even have to say!!

Not only does our team of SEO Consultants in Dublin conduct essential techniques to improve a client’s search presence, we also educate our clients on how they can maintain their strong search presence by themselves - long after we’re gone. This is a long-term, sustainable solution for many businesses.

By creating custom blueprints and manuals for your business, and educating you via one-to-one consultation, we provide the tools for you to perform key optimisation work going forward without the need for unnecessary consultation costs. Ultimately, we build a working relationship with our clients that is founded on trust and transparency, which in turn helps to achieve better results.

If the idea of hands-on SEO work, manuals & blueprints isn’t a fit for your business, then we also provide a full-service, traditional SEO offering. We find this often suits larger businesses who are happy to outsource all search marketing elements.

So, whether you’re a multinational brand looking to offload all search marketing efforts, or a one-person-show hoping to take a hands-on approach, we have a tailored package for you.

Our Process

SEO Audit

We begin every new SEO project with a Comprehensive SEO Audit of the website at hand. Our team view each new website objectively to determine opportunity and problem areas, analyse the client’s key competitors and identify industry trends.

Keyword Analysis

Our extensive & rigorous keyword research identifies the keywords prospective customers might use to find your website and arrive at your main landing pages.

On-Site SEO

Building search-friendly pages doesn’t have to mean sacrificing your website’s beautiful design, descriptive copy or great usability. We optimise your pages, without compromising quality.

Technical SEO

Often, it’s behind-the-scenes basic errors that cause websites to fail in search engines. We use our technical SEO knowhow to ensure Google can easily crawl your website, index your pages and understand your URL structure.

Goals Set Up

We help you set up Goals, Events & Ecommerce Tracking within Google Analytics to measure conversion rates - whether that be an online sale, an email subscription sign-up or a contact form fill-out. Your ROI will be in black and white.

Off-Site SEO

The number of links pointing from high-authority websites to your site greatly impacts your pages’ ranking positions. We build high-quality links and use keyword-optimised anchor text to drive relevant traffic to your website and improve your domain authority.

Blog Optimisation

We understand how to structure blog posts and other content pieces to achieve featured snippet results and position one rankings. We identify longtail keywords that create brand awareness and bring a relevant audience onto your site.


Our team of SEO Consultants in Dublin work with you to identify your website’s Key Performance Indicators and send through weekly or monthly reports as desired, based on these important metrics.

Our Results

Don’t just take our word for it.

We know how to improve the organic search presence of brand new websites...
The below Google Analytics screenshot shows the organic traffic influx of a newly-launched tourism business.

Responsive image

And improve the organic search presence of pre-existing websites...
This screengrab shows an e-commerce client's organic traffic doubling year-on-year.

Responsive image

What our customers say

SEO Consultant Dublin | SEO Service Dublin

Peru Hop & Bolivia Hop

Conor McAteer, Co-Founder

Lima, Peru

"Peter & Aidan headed up the Search Marketing team for Peru Hop and Bolivia Hop here in our Lima office. Over a year-long period, the lads helped to improve Peru Hop’s organic search traffic by 114% and Bolivia Hop’s by 129%. By more than doubling our organic traffic through keyword-optimised landing pages, a clever content strategy (achieving numerous featured snippets) and good link-building, our online sales improved in turn. We continue to reap the rewards, even years after the lads have left, as our organic search presence remains dominant amongst competitors. Peter & Aidan are friendly, hard-working and intelligent marketers."

Wipeout Ltd

Tony Field, Owner

Dublin, Ireland

“I have been dealing with Aidan for several years now. We have found him to be the must go-to guy for all SEO development work. His knowledge, professionalism, eagerness and attitude on a B2B basis is incredible. Despite knowing nothing about the cleaning supplies industry he has managed to establish Wipeout as one of the top websites in the industry. For that reason alone I would have no hesitation in recommending him to any business.”

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