SEO Tips for Service Businesses

A quick tip for service businesses from SEO & Grow 

If you offer various services to your clients then each of those services needs to have a dedicated landing page on your website. There is no use in adding your various offerings to one long services page as nobody will find it.

Build a unique page for each individual service you offer. Not only will this help your SEO but each of these service pages can then act as landing pages for any type of ad campaign.

But, what is a Landing Page?

A landing page is basically a web page that you “land” on when you click on a link or an ad. It’s designed to give you more information about a product, service, or event, usually with the aim of getting you to take some kind of call-to-action (like buy something, sign up for something, etc.). Landing pages usually include things like images, videos, forms, and other content to help you learn more and make a decision.

Here is an example of a strong landing page:

As you can see on our website we have our services seperated into individual pages. This gives us a chance to optimise each page focusing on the chosen keywords allowing us to reach a larger customer base.

SEO Tips for Landing Pages

If you feel that your business is missing this, get in touch today and we can help improve your website!