The Temple Bar Pub: A Successful Website Redesign

Details of the Brand

The Temple Bar Pub is one of Dublin’s most iconic venues, renowned for its vibrant atmosphere, live music, and traditional Irish hospitality. With a history dating back to 1840, the pub has become a must-visit destination for tourists and locals alike. 

The Temple Bar Pub also operates an eCommerce store, selling merchandise, souvenirs, and gift cards.


The objective of the website redesign project was to create a new website that would represent The Temple Bar Pub brand and history while serving the same eCommerce function. The website needed to be visually appealing, user-friendly, and optimised for search engines to increase traffic and sales. The primary goals of the project were:

  • To enhance the online presence and reputation of The Temple Bar Pub
  • To increase traffic and sales through the eCommerce store
  • To provide an immersive online experience for visitors to the website
  • To improve search engine rankings and visibility through effective SEO strategies

Execution & Innovation

The website redesign involved a complete overhaul of the existing website, which was built on Shopify. The new website was built on WordPress, a more versatile and customisable platform that allowed for greater creativity and flexibility in design.

The website design was inspired by the vibrant colors and historic features of The Temple Bar Pub, with a focus on creating an immersive and interactive user experience.

The eCommerce store was integrated seamlessly into the website, allowing visitors to browse and purchase merchandise, souvenirs, and gift vouchers with ease.

The SEO strategy included keyword research, on-page optimisation, content creation, and backlink building to increase the website’s visibility and traffic. The team also implemented technical SEO measures to improve website speed, security, and mobile responsiveness.

Outcome & Results

The new website for The Temple Bar Pub was launched in December 2022, and the results have been impressive. The website has received positive feedback from customers and industry experts, who have praised its design, functionality, and user experience.

In just four months since launch, the website has generated an additional 122,000+ clicks an increase of 28.6%, and 1.5 million impressions an increase of 57% via SEO compared to the four months prior. 

This represents a significant increase in website traffic and suggests that the SEO strategy has been successful in improving the website’s visibility and ranking on search engines.


The website redesign project for The Temple Bar Pub was a success, achieving its objectives of enhancing the brand’s online presence, increasing traffic and sales, and providing an immersive online experience. 

We executed innovative design and SEO strategies that resulted in impressive outcomes and results. 

The new website has become a valuable asset for The Temple Bar Pub, enhancing its reputation as one of Dublin’s most iconic venues and contributing to its eCommerce sales growth.

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